Soft White Nougat with Pistachio and Almonds

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Each box contains 12 pieces, individually wrapped in waxed silver foil. Each piece is rich in golden roasted blanched almonds, pistachio, and orange blossom honey, and covered in edible wafer paper, the product is 100% cholesterol, gluten and palm oil free.

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A soft white unique nougat recipe, based on the famous ‘nougat de Montelimar’. A firm structure, but with a surprisingly soft and smooth texture. A complexity of delicate flavours and aromas. Using the finest ingredients, Spanish orange blossom honey, roasted blanched almonds and crunchy roasted pistachio nuts are added to complete a premium quality nougat. 12 pieces per box, all individually wrapped in wax foil paper.

18 reviews for Soft White Nougat with Pistachio and Almonds

  1. Aracely Chan Canul

    Llevo más de 25 años queriendo comer un Dessert Nougat de C&B, le comente a mi jefa y en su localidad los consiguió, me trajo uno para saber si era lo que quería, al abrirlo quede maravillada y moría por degustarlo, de allí le pedí dos más para compartir con mi familia, sentir el sabor tal cual lo recordaba me regreso a los años de mi niñez, y es que probé los naturales y no encontré cerezas y descubrí que tienen otra presentación.

  2. Nigel (verified owner)

    I’ve enjoyed this right from the start. It is consistently of the highest quality and the best you will find.

  3. Beryl Goatman

    I was delighted to receive my box filled with delicious nougat. The taste is wonderful and the different flavours come through one by one. I bought these as presents but think I’m just going to treat myself!

  4. MS Phipps

    Good nougat, my favorite is the cherry one, more cherries would be superb!

    • Chef

      we will add a few more on next batch 🙂

  5. Clare (verified owner)

    Just arrived and beautifully packaged, but there are NO CHERRIES. While there are lots of pictures of cherries on the website, and it’s described as “Rich with Almonds, Pistachios and Cherries with a touch of Rose Water” there is no mention of them in the ingredients. It’s definitely not the Callard and Bowser standard without them.

    • Chef

      Was it the cherry color nougat box? As the blue is without cherries.

  6. Vivian

    Do you have international shipping to México?
    I would LOVE to but some, but I feel afraid to pay it and not receive it.

    • Chef

      Yes we ship internationally

  7. Valerie Ann O’Leary

    Could you tell me if it Is possible to buy the nougat on line as the nearest stockists is over about an hour drive away. Have been searching for ages trying to find an equivalent to the delicious C&B one, many thanks

    • Chef

      Now available online at Champion & Reeves

  8. Alexandra Schneider

    Need it in Canada !!

  9. hisham harun

    Which is it Andrew? On Oct 14, 2015 you said Champion & Reeves Dessert Nougat, “…. tastes EXACTLY as I remembered it 25 years ago…”
    Then a few months down the road, Jan 11, 2016, you wrote: “The consistency will change a little over the weeks and become less gooey and more firm, GETTING CLOSER each week to the old C&B style Nougat,”
    How can something that already tastes “exactly” like C&B, after a few months, be “getting closer” to the old C&B Nougat. My apologies but it’s a tad confusing really.
    Does it tastes exactly like our old favourite C&B, or is it slowly getting there…

    • Chef

      As we are using new equipment for larger production volumes, things did change a little as we perfected the processes, but we are now back to the Callard and Bowser Standard. Let me know if you would like a sample sent out to test.

  10. Sarah Hayford

    At last I have found the perfect nougat – thank you, a thousand thank you’s , absolutely perfect.

  11. Ahamed

    Hi tell me where can I buy this product desert nougat

  12. Mike Charnecki

    Very tasty. In the USA you don’t find candy like this. I hope they start selling it here. Yum yum

  13. andrew

    The consistency will change a little over the weeks and become less gooey and more firm getting closer each week to the old C&B style Nougat, assuming you haven’t eaten it all already that is.

  14. Chiara

    Hi, I tried the nougat and it tastes amazing. You can really taste the honey. I like your product very much.

  15. Malou

    I have never tried nougat before, but now as I tried this one, I love it! It’s really delicous and I will definitely take some of them back to Germany to show my family and friends!
    I don’t like it – I love it!!!

  16. Nicole

    The best nugat I ever taste! Please never stop to produce that!

    I don’t like it. I love it!

  17. andrew

    Hi.all arrived ok.tastes exactly as i remembered it 25 years ago.all the best with your business. I look forward to seeing it (and buying it) locally……soon i hope.thanks again. A.H

  18. Ellen

    I love nougat, and this is one of the best.

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