Soft White Nougat with Italian Rose Cherries

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Our No.1 selling box of Nougat…. Dessert Nougat with Italian Rose Cherries, you will be amazed at how incredible this tastes. It has a complex, multi layer structure, with a hint of rose throughout which gives the nougat a unique, not too sweet, delicious taste. Premium orange Blossom honey, almonds and pistachio are added to complete what is a delicious, wonderful box of quality tasting nougat for everyone to enjoy.

  • Due to your requests, we have added even more Italian Rose cherries to each gift bar. We think it is even tastier than ever now 🙂

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Our No.1 selling box of Nougat….

A Soft white Nougat with Italian Rose Cherries. An incredible, multi layer taste experience, with a hint of rose throughout which gives this nougat its unique aroma taste. Quality Orange blossom honey, Roasted almonds and pistachio are added to complete what is a delicious, wonderful box of premium tasting nougat.

Due to your requests, we have added even more Italian Rose cherries to each gift bar. We think it is even tastier than ever now 🙂

14 reviews for Soft White Nougat with Italian Rose Cherries

  1. Tony Humphries

    This nougat is just wonderful. I was so pleased to receive this as a birthday gift from my son, particularly as I have reminisced about Callard & Bowsers nougat and how much I missed it. Your product is as good if not better! Thank you for having the skill to produce this, we have lost so much of our good quality confectionary here in the UK over the past decades.

  2. Claudia Diaz

    is the taste of my childhood. Just like I remember them. I am from Mexico and I used to buy the nougat of Callard and Browser but once they were gone there was nothing similar until you appeared. My husband brought a couple of boxes from the UK and I am delighted.

  3. Sally Tedder

    Just as we remember, apart from the packaging of course. It took a lot of doing to track this nougat down, but it was worth it.

  4. Zoe (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness, after years and years of longing to taste Callard and Bowser Nougat again – I’ve found this!
    As a child, it was a Christmas treat left in my stocking each year by Santa, and a favourite for all the family. Tradition will begin again for the next generation with Champion & Reeves. My 7 year old is already smitten, having tasted her first piece yesterday.
    I purchased 2 boxes to try with my family. With their eyes closed, I placed a piece in each of their hands – the shrieks of delight brought a smile to my face, as they recognised the shape and feel of the little parcel, and the taste did not disappoint.
    Thank you Champion & Reeves. 🙂

    I received a sample of the new Turkish delight and roasted cashew nougat with my order too – it was delicious. Divided 4 ways between the original C&B fans, it received 4 thumbs up! We can’t wait for it to be launched in 1 month. We’re already counting the days.

  5. Mike Seif

    Hi Chef, I had a quick question before placing my first order. I live in the US and I noticed that there is a “Now in the USA” link which allows you to purchase through I was wondering if the product quality is the same through the US link as opposed to buying from the UK and shipping internationally.

    Thank you

    • Chef

      Hi Mike,

      obviously if you but direct from us, the manufacturer, the products are as fresh as they can be as they will have been made within the last 2 weeks. Retailers often look for shelf life on products up to 10 months, that said, our nougat doesn’t usually stay on the shelves for more than a few months, so still tastes great.

  6. roy (verified owner)

    Wow, I never thought I would get to experience the childhood favourite of Callard and Bowser again. These bring back so many memories. My compliments to the chef on an exceptional recreation.

  7. Colin Rose (verified owner)

    I was delighted to hear that the Callard & Bowser nougat ‘is back’. The box is beautifully presented … but I cannot agree that this is a faithful return of the Callard & Bowser cherry nougat. First, the edible paper is meant to wrap around the entire nougat (not just the top and bottom). Second, the Champion Reeves version is far too soft: the original Callard and Bowser was much harder and had something you could chew into. Third, there is too much sweetness, and too much rose water. It’s not a bad nougat by any means – in fact rather good (though too soft for my taste) … but it is not the Callard & Bowser nougat. I did enjoy very much your toffees.

    • Chef

      Hi Colin,

      because our nougat is made to order these days, so is very fresh and so the the nougat needs a week or so to harden up and dry a little, and possibly more to your taste, i have some in stock at the moment that i think you would like as its a bit harder and dryer. Also the sweetness reduces as it matures.

  8. Sue Nielsen

    Oh my goodness, I have been searching for this nougat for years. Growing up In South Africa it was our special occasion treat! Among other gifts we were often given a box for our birthdays or Christmas. We could each eat the whole box, we didn’t have to share it with anyone! I was devastated when the company that originally bought out Callard and Bowser stopped making these, the butterscotch and also the licorice toffees. I couldn’t understand how this came about. I am now living in Australia and am wondering if I am able to purchase it here? If not, I will be buying it online. Thank you sooo much for bringing back these wonderful sweets!!
    We have to get this info out to the world! perhaps you could write on the box…..”just as you remember them”. So, even though they are no longer branded Callard and Bowser, anyone seeing the box will take a closer look and buy some.

  9. Jose Lopez

    By any chance do you deliver to the us??

    • Chef

      Hi, yes we deliver to the world 🙂

  10. Michelle Fleiszig

    where on baker street? I fondly remember collard and bowsers nougat and will be visiting the London very soon. I can’t wait to buy some.

    • Chef

      Partridges sell our Nougat on sloane square

  11. Rey

    Hi, can you please tell me which version of your nougat is closest to the old Callard & Bowser ones? Is Rose cherries the same as the rose jelly in those? Thanks in advance.

    • Chef

      The Nougat with italian rose cherries is closest to the old Callard and bowser nougat

  12. Fuaad

    I grew up in Pakistan and having Callard & Bowser cherry nougat’s (as mentioned in Joe’s review) were a delightful memory. My father would get them during his official travels and the whole family would relish the taste. Although dad kept his personal share very safe!
    I have been looking for these for years in shops and on the net, Amazon & Google with all kinds search criteria.

    A wonderful accident, I randomly selected these from a shop at Baker Street. The taste and wrapping to familiar.
    It will be such a pleasure to share these with my father again.

  13. Phillip Evans

    Awesome – Best Nougat in the World !!

  14. Joe

    I’ve been searching for this for decades and am so happy I’ve managed to find the old Callard & Bowser cherry nougat’s made by Champion & Reeves. They taste just as i remember them and the edible rice paper and silver wrapping is a nice touch and simlar to how it used to be. Just wish i could order them online by adding to the basket on the website but hoping this is a temporary glitch and they manage to fix this. Please get in touch with me so I can order more ASAP by the way! Anyway, highly recommend this product to anyone who remembers this amazing nougat from years back. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Chef

      Now available online. Use compliment1 coupon on your 1st order

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