Luxury Dessert Nougat
'Probably the Finest Nougat in the World' The Delicatessen Magazine
Rich with Almonds, Pistachio, Cherries, with a touch of Rose water

Only 65 calories per piece.

We believe in using only the very finest ingredients, sourced from local producers and suppliers.

Champion & Reeves officially opened

in 2017


HRH The Duke of York, KG

After too many years of waiting, Champion & Reeves have brought back the Callard & Bowser products desired by so many. Our Dessert Nougat has a complex and wonderful taste. Incredible quality is achieved by using only the finest of ingredients and taking time over the process, ensuring that taste and quality come first.

We believe we are the only confectionery company in the world to add both blanched almonds and roasted pistachio to our nougat. In addition we add as much as 3 times more premium honey to our nougat than any of our competitors. We use the finest Italian cherries in our Rose Dessert Nougat and our vanilla is the most expensive, ten fold concentrated extract money can buy.

If you are looking for incredible, high quality tasting confectionery, you have come to the right place !

We care about how our products are made

Rich with Almonds, Pistachio and Cherries with a touch of Rose Water.

We use only 100% Natural ingredients in all our products, which are also Gluten free, Palm Oil free, Gelatine free, and free from artificial flavorings and preservatives.

As far as we are aware we are the only UK commercial manufacturer of traditional Butterscotch, using Real Butter in our recipe.

Incredible taste and quality - just like Callard & Bowser !


The Toffee is so creamy and delicious.


I have been looking for traditionally made Butterscotch for years and at last its now back and looks and tastes just like I remember.


Shropshire Business Awards Winner


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