Butterscotch – Gift Box

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A velvety, buttery consistency with a subtle taste of orange blossom honey, enriched with healthy mineral ingredients.

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The name ‘butterscotch’ first appeared in the county of Yorkshire, England in the early 1800’s. It is most likely that the name came from the term “to scotch”, meaning to cut or to score, allowing the cooling confectionery to break into pieces later. Sugar and butter are cooked together until they react under heat – a process known as the “milliard reaction” – providing a rich confectionery, golden brown in colour with an irresistible flavor.

Recently improved recipe, using a new primary sugar substitute which has little to no impact on blood sugar levels, and it also tooth-friendly. Its energy value is half that of sugar. The cost of this new low sugar ingredient is 10 x more than sugar, but we think its really worth it. We still use brown sugar in the recipe, so not totally sugar free, but a big improvement on lowering the sugar quantity, and still tastes amazing.

5 reviews for Butterscotch – Gift Box

  1. Alison Horrigan (verified owner)

    A little ray of sunshine In lockdown I loved C&B as a child but I think this is better Ordered received quickly in beautiful box I’ve placed my second order day after getting my first it’s so lovely

  2. Nigel

    This is wonderfully traditional, just like the original all those years ago. Each piece snaps in the middle making it easy to suck and it lasts longer (or you could share it!)

  3. Stephen Welford

    Superb butterscotch. Always regretted that Callard & Bowser disappeared (acquired by Suchard I believe) and longing for something similar. This is it!!

    • andrew

      Hi Stephen, so pleased you like it. Its been a long time coming. The Chef.

  4. Nicole

    I really love it. I couldn’t stop to eat it. Delicious.

  5. Ellen

    I haven’t had butterscotch for years, it is so delicious – it is difficult to decide whether to savour the flavour for a long time by sucking it, or eat it quickly with a satisfying crunch.

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