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Have you ever wanted to own a piece of a chocolate company ? Purchasing one of the ticket options listed below will allow you to be part of the Champion & Reeves Confectionery company… So next time you walk into Harrods, or Partridges or if you are shopping in NY, you will find our products on the shelves and know that you are part of making that happen. You will also be entitled to a discount on all of our online web-order products depending on the ticket you purchase.

£100.00 Bronze Ticket = 5% discount

£250.00 Silver Ticket = 15% discount

£300.00 Gold Ticket = 25% Discount

  • Once you have decided which ticket and discount level you would like on future purchases of confectionery, we will then email you the share certificate showing the number of shares you have purchased and your own unique discount code. The discount code is valid for 24 months from purchase of the ticket. If you decide to sell your shares back to the company, this can be done in 2 years time at the share value price for the valuation of the company at that time.  The share class of the shares for the tickets is B-Class and will be registered with companies house.

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