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Product Agent Registration and Starter Pack options.

Champion & Reeves are looking for enthusiastic Product Agents (PA’s). If you are interested and serious about joining the Champion & Reeves team and realistically earning +£250.00 per month for working just a few hours a week then read on…

In order to get you started you will need to decide on how many product variations you would like to know about and sell.

Select a product starter pack and register your full details when you purchase the pack. We will then post the products for you to review and taste before you start selling. With each pack you will also receive a unique PA code, with instructions on how to use this code and full instructions on how your future orders are processed for your new customers.

  • £30.00 Bronze Product Starter Pack = 15% to 25% sales margin on 4 product lines
  • £50.00 Silver Product Starter Pack = 15% to 25% sales margin on the 4 Bronze product lines plus 2 more products lines
  • £100.00 Gold Product Starter Pack = 15% to 25% sales margin on the 6 silver product lines plus 9 more product lines

The more products you decide to review in your selection of starter pack, the more you can sell and the more you will know about the products available, which will ensure you can provide your customers with all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

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2 reviews for PA Starter Packs

  1. Aracely Chan

    Me encantaría distribuir entre mi gente los DESSERT NOUGAT Y NOUGAT WITH CHERRYS, en presentación de 10 pzas y 4 piezas.
    De niña mi padre me consentía con estos exquisitos turrones y muchas personas mueren por volver a probarlos, yo llevo más de 20 años tratando de conseguirlos y la semana pasa me obsequieron 3 cajas por mi jefa ( no saben como la adore)

  2. Aracely Chan

    Buenas noches como me convierto en agente de productos y como se genera un código para envió gratuito?

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