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Each box contains 12 pieces, individually wrapped in waxed silver foil. Each piece is rich in golden roasted blanched almonds, pistachio, and orange blossom honey, and covered in edible wafer paper, the product is 100% cholesterol, gluten and palm oil free.

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Champion & Reeves dessert nougat is a unique recipe, based on the famous ‘nougat de Montelimar’. The first nougat factory was built in Montélimar in 1770 and since then, the authentic nougat has been very popular. Although the French town of Montelimar is the birthplace of nougat, the mixing of almonds and honey dates back to ancient Greece and the term ‘nougat’ derives from the latin “nux gatum”.

The Texture and Taste

A firm structure, but with a surprisingly soft and smooth texture. A complexity of delicate flavours and aromas.

We use only the very finest ingredients, our Dessert Nougat contains:

  • 23% almond
  • 9% pistachio
  • 29% honey

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Dessert Nougat, Dessert Nougat with Italian Rose Cherries, Cream Toffee & Macadamia, Butterscotch


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