Cream Toffee layered with Macadamia nuts

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A creamy melting toffee enriched with golden roasted macadamia nuts.

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Our Cream Toffee is made with real British double cream, enriched with golden syrup, brown sugar and molasses, and  layered with the most expensive nut in the world, the macadamia. Now made with a low sugar ingredient and although the cost of this new low sugar ingredient is 10 x more than sugar, but we think its really worth it and the product tastes even more delicious than before.

3 reviews for Cream Toffee layered with Macadamia nuts

  1. Ellen

    Probably the best toffee I have ever tasted – so glad I bought some at the Shrewsbury Food Festival.

    • andrew

      So Pleased you liked it. We have improved the quality of the butterscotch even further since the show. Now available in premium deli’s. inc. Ludlow Food center and Deliciate in Shrewsbury and Battlefield 1403

  2. Chiara

    I can´t get enough of the Toffee. It is amazing! 🙂

  3. Nigel (verified owner)

    I know Andrew has worked really hard to get this toffee just right….and he’s succeeded. It is now the perfect consistency and tastes wonderful with a good helping of nuts. As these are handmade, the shape is not always perfect, but this is a small sacrifice to get such a wonderful, chewy toffee that tastes so good.

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